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Festival Belia Putrajaya

After an intense week of preparation The Rubix Cube and Terry & The Cuz rebuilt and rebooted our performance installation space for Welcome2Flatland previously seen at Urbanscapes in 2013. It involved more distinct internal spaces this time with more performers and more interactivity. Kuala Lumpur’s…

Arduino MIDI AV Switch

With the help and expertise of Arlo Mountford I finished building an Arduino MIDI switch on the weekend. It will be built into part of the upcoming Flatland installation at Festival Belia Putrajaya 2014.

Flatland nominated for six Boh Cameronian Awards

Flatland has been nominated for six Boh Cameronian Arts Awards including myself for music composition and sound. So proud of the whole creative and technical team involved with the project. It was a huge undertaking. For more information regarding the awards visit:

Planning for the KL Youth Festival

Two weeks of planning happening at the moment for the Malaysian Youth Festival in Kuala Lumpur this May. Govin Ruben is back briefly so we utilising our  time to make the festival run as smoothly as possible. We will be building a large scale installation…

Looking forward

After an exciting year in 2013 working on projects around Australia and in Malaysia I am looking forward to a range of upcoming opportunities both touring previous works and developing new ideas. I’m happy to announce that The Rubix Cube has been engaged by the…