Rob Stewart | Bio - Rob Stewart
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I have worked in performance, film, and installations with artists and institutions from around the world. I am passionate about all forms of digital media and interactivity which has lead to my broad experience across the fields of cinema exhibition, audio and video post production, interactive environments and programming and web development.


I gained an undergraduate degree from the Victorian College of the Arts and Music (VCAM) Production School in 2005, majoring in Sound Design and a Masters (by research) degree in Sound Design from the University of Melbourne. During this time I worked for Village Roadshow as a projectionist and duty manager over the course of eleven years and have a broad and intimate understanding and passion for cinema. Whilst at VCAM I also worked as a supervisor and assessor both in sound design and multi-disciplinary art practice. Since then I have also cultivated a breadth of experience with online content working as a web developer for Collabforge on domestic and international projects.  Additionally as the Technical Project Manager for PLOT Media I have supported local and international feature films, television series and television commercial campaigns, as well as directors and cinematographers, with their online presence and content.


Whilst doing this I have maintained an active career as an audio-visual and interaction designer. Highlights include working with British artist Gina Czarnecki as lead programmer and designer of the interactive public installation ‘Contagion’ that received the prestigious Welcome Trust grant in the UK; being co-sound designer for the feature film ‘The Tragedy of Hamlet: Prince of Denmark’ which was part of MIFF’s Official Selection for 2008; being nominated for a Green Room award for x:Machine’s ‘Senseless’ and also for a BOH Cameronian award for music and sound design for ‘Flatland’ in Malaysia. I have also worked extensively with artist Arlo Mountford on audio-visual pieces that have shown in Japan, Italy, Korea, China, America and throughout Australia. Other projects include ‘Cop Hard Season 1’, which was selected as part of Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas and the joint Australian/East Timorese production ‘Doku Rai’ with The Black Lung Theatre and Whaling Firm, Galaxy and Liurai Fo’er. I have also worked extensively throughout Malaysia producing new works in collaboration with the award winning Terry&TheCuz and recently returned from a major project for Festival Belia Putrajaya, the Malaysian Youth Festival.