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Klue, D’oh


December 04, 2011


An unfaithful husband, a hedonistic lover, an apathetic father, a shrewd brother in- law, a ruthless businessman, a merciless moneylender. Datuk Jackson Mo had many faces…. One too many…. When he is found brutally murdered one evening in his mansion, everyone has a reason. Everybody is a suspect.

The household is sent into disarray with the unexpected appearance of two policemen at the door on an apparent routine summons check. A web of seduction and deceit begins to unravel as the idealistic rookie inspector and his veteran superior find themselves on different pages in a murder mystery that baffles at every passing turn. Was it the estranged wife or her decadent brother? Could it be the promiscuous lover? The disgruntled son perhaps? Maybe even the incompetent maid?

Lies will be told, secrets will be exposed, bonds will be severed, heads will roll but the truth will be revealed, one way or another. A tragedy of errors told from two perspectives about a Malaysian family driven to the edge and the Polis Diraja Malaysia personnel bent on uncovering a culprit… any culprit!

‘Klue,Doh!’ was nominated for ‘Best Ensemble’ (Theatre) and won for ‘Best Design’ (Theatre) at the 9th Kakiseni BOH Cameronian Arts Awards. I was the sound designer, composer and AV technician on this project.


“Klue, Doh! was a thoroughly well-crafted production, clever in its execution and riotously funny”
The Edge
“Klue Doh! is an innovative piece of theatre that wraps an interesting concept to polished writing and witty repartee…”
New Straits Times

“ a side-splittingly funny reflection of Malaysian life…”
The Star Online

“It was genius!!! Whichever side you sit in…”
LazyMelodie On Blogspot

“there wasn’t a single false note in the acting, or indeed, the whole play…”
Cinematic Concerns

“extremely entertaining and hilarious”
Frigg Live Action Blog